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Metal Sucks Premieres New Track “Kill All Kings”

Silver Talon Kill All Kings

Metal Sucks premiere “Kill All Kings,” the latest single from Silver Talon’s Decadence and Decay. Stating –

It’s got chunky riffs, it hits hard, it’s “epic” (overused word in metal but so be it), and it’s at once hard-hitting and melodic, melancholy and uplifting. If a bunch of dudes from the distant future jumped into a time machine, transported themselves to the front row of a Nevermore show in 1999, got marooned in 2021 on the way home when their time machine broke down and decided to start a band, this is what it would sound like.

Watch the video and check out the full article here.

Pre-orders for Decadence and Decay now available here.

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